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Sunday, November 20, 2016

OK, it's time to get and stay political until further notice. 
More music might follow, but for now, it's ideas and action that count.

For starters: the media. Enough hand-wringing about how "we all got it so wrong." Even when it's in the context of not understanding the "other", it's still so us-centered and smacks of the solipsistic nature that creates echo chambers. Which, sorry to say, is not what lost this election.

Mainstream media, you have no influence. Even if you'd got it right, the people who voted for Trump would still have done so!

Most Trump voters are the ones who got it wrong. Nothing that they want - or, more importantly, need - will be addressed by Trump. (The Trump voters who got it right are going to be rewarded with tax breaks, cronyism and more political power.)

Now, if Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney had any balls, instead of showing themselves to be the power-hungry, hypocritical, spineless losers that they are... well, those are people with some degree of influence, who could maybe try to make a difference; if they worked with Dems and kept their principles, we'd have a shot at keeping things from going 100% to hell.

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